Corsham Street is an experiment on collaborative online documentary, reflecting on the topics of memory, local community and urban regeneration. We are creating an online audiovisual album of our neighbourhood, focusing on the growing interactions within neighbours since the establishment of a local café (Commune Cafe), the physical and social impact of a series of commercial development projects on the street, and our collective memories of living or working here. The purpose is to create an online platform that will support and encourage relations and interactions within the local community, as well as making our community atmosphere visible, before the construction of a new development that threatens to demolish a whole block of our street, forcing most of our community to move elsewhere.

We believe that local communities' power should be the protagonist of changes in society. This platform appears as a way of empowering us as a collective, generating an online intervention which will leave a record of the past and present memories of our street, and hopefully will act as a tool to prevent the complete transformation of our community under commercial developments.

If you are part of the community of Corsham Street or you are interested in it, we invite you to freely add content on it. Share a comment, a photo, video or whatever you want about your experience of living, working, or transiting here, and add them directly to the two street’s photos embedded in the website. See the guidelines of “add your memories” for further details.

Get involved and make our community visible!



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